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We are a group of friends from Poland, who watch with excitement the beginnings of a new race towards the stars. What was an experience of our fathers and forefathers now becomes accessible to us – in a world full of social media, speeding technology and 4K cameras.

However, we want more and we want it faster. Dreams of space instilled in us by Carl Sagan, Robert Zubrin or Elon Musk, we want to turn them into a conviction in humanity that we need to speed up, since space is closer than ever.

Thus, MORE SPACE – the name of a brand and the call which is our motto – more space in media, more space in schools, more space in pop-culture. And more space on t-shirts.

We took upon ourselves the role of spreading space propaganda – we’ve tapped into the talents of the best Polish illustrators and want to give the world a new quality… and to boldly go where no man has gone before.